True Story: Central Mass to Afghanistan -Sending Love and Healings to our Soldiers and Others ~ Try it!

Posted by Laura Emerald
August 11th, 2014
True Story: Central Mass to Afghanistan -Sending Love and Healings to our Soldiers and Others ~ Try it!

Why do I think, or know this approach will be effective? Since 2008, my sister, brother and I have been sending targeted healings and love to people around the world and have witnessed dramatic results. Am I exaggerating? I think not. You can decide for yourself, but the following is just one story from our collection and accurate to the best of my knowledge. It started a year ago when my nephew left for a deployment in the Air Force in Afghanistan.
My sister asked me to send him love and healing every single day during his deployment. She got this idea when we both became Reiki Masters and another woman in the class said that she sent her son remote Reiki every day during his tour in Iraq and every soldier in his unit came home safely. If you are not familiar with Reiki, pronounced Ray-key, it means universal life force energy. It is a simple healing technique which anyone can learn and harms no one as it only helps and heals. There are typically three levels, I, II, and Master level. At the second level you learn symbols so you can send the healing energy to distant people and locations. Over the past several years my sister, father, and I have become Masters. But it is all about intention, and anyone can direct love and healing to another whether or not you’ve had this training. That’s called practicing LOVEISM, spreading love and peace in the pursuit of healing and harmony for the earth.
So, back to the story. Every day while my nephew was deployed I sent him love and healing. I then sent it to his Unit, Base, Region of Afghanistan, and then the whole country for good measure. The week before Thanksgiving of 2013, I could tell that he was taking in a strong healing of love in his upper body. Talking to him on Thanksgiving via Skype he confirmed that on that exact day, he had done a very intense workout and was feeling pain in the area I had sent him healing and love. Weird, we both thought and just to be sure, he asked me to text him the next time I felt something like that. So, at 5:30am the next week, his military base was taking in a very large healing. I could feel it in my hands, but he seemed fine. I sent him a text and he said “Thank you, I understand.” The next day, his base and unit took in the healing, and again he was fine. The third day he asked me to direct a very large healing to him because the stomach bug that was going around the base and then the unit, finally caught up with him. We sent him healing and while everyone else had a 48 hour bug, he was done in 24 hours. A few weeks later while sending him healing, I could tell which part of his body he worked hard during his workout. I could even feel a weight on his stomach like a 15 pound medicine ball while he worked on his abs. His text back to me said “Well, not a medicine ball but a 25 pound plate.” We were both amazed. Then on New Year’s Eve, I knew we had to send him some Loveism around 7:00pm EST. We first sent text messages to him and then followed up with the remote love and healing. He later confirmed that just as our text messages arrived on his phone, missiles were falling out of the sky on him as he jumped into a bunker. Stressed out to the max, our remote healing and love flowed into him just when he really needed it. We trusted and most importantly acted upon it and he felt the support and healing.
This daily healing continued month after month from both my sister and me, and he and his unit continued doing very well. In March of 2014, I heard on the news that the US Military had broken a record having gone 90 days with the lowest record for casualties in a 90 day period in Afghanistan since the start of the war. Upon my nephew’s return home when we stopped sending healing there, we did notice a sudden surge of violence in the region that included deaths of doctors, journalists, Afghans and some soldiers. I also learned my lesson to be careful with the wording when sending love around the planet to ensure those receiving it really in fact want the healing and are requesting it. We should target our healing intentions to those who ask for it first. Intentional healing and prayers are powerful and etiquette demands that we respect choices of others, so sending it those not requesting or interested in it could be interfering with free will.
So Americans and citizens of this great planet, let us unite once again, and send love, light, and healing to all of those in the hotspots of the world including our fellow American citizens and soldiers, and especially Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, to the children, to the oppressed, the closed hearts, the birds, mammals, marine animals, and to Mother Earth itself. Choose Loveism over terrorism, letting go of fear, and let the love and light shine into your heart and out into the world. Embrace the shift of consciousness and know with certainty that your loved ones in spirit are doing their part to help send you love and healing. We are United in Love.