Transcendence Time ~ Experience the love and healing & help send it to France & World

Posted by Laura Emerald
January 16th, 2015
Transcendence Time ~ Experience the love and healing & help send it to France & World

To participate, Sunday at 8:00 pm call: 1-646-749-3112 and enter the access code when prompted: 761-939-909.  Put your phone on speaker and then mute it and enjoy.

As you listen to the news and hear about world events of mindless killing in the name of God, or see images of war torn countries with the pain and despair, it can definitely be upsetting and bring your energy to a very low place. But how does allowing ourselves to be brought down help the situation? If you think of each of us on the planet as a candle… when we see, hear, and feel fear and pain, our lights become dim. When we turn up the brightness of our own inner wicks however by feeling love, light, and happiness and sending that energy out in the world, we are able to do something constructive.  We counteract the impact of the fear and violence by bringing balance with our intentions and energy. We can transcend our environments or situations, raising ourselves up, and allowing our very blinding inner lights of love and happiness to reach the world.

Do not underestimate your magnificent ability to bring light and love to any situation~ whether preparing a meal, cleaning your house, doing your work, sitting in a sports arena, (in my case a hockey rink for my kids. Set the intention to send out healing and love to everyone present. We all have this ability and it’s a choice as to how we spend our energy. When caring souls gather and bring our healing intentions together, it’s extremely powerful.

With the recent attacks and violence in France, I am inspired to offer you a “transcendent” experience where you can participate in a healing for yourself and for those impacted by the violence and tragedy in France last week right from your own home. What does a transcendent experience feel like? It is defined as an experience beyond the normal or physical level and that it is. It will feel as if you have personally tapped into a very strong current of love and gentle healing energy that you will first use to heal yourself and then you’ll share this healing with your family and friends and together we shall send tremendous healing and love to France, specifically to all those impacted by the violence, loss, and fear and then around the world to all those praying for help and healing. The healing will last approximately 30 minutes. It is a phone conference only and I recommend putting your phone on speaker and reclining because after the healing you may want to simply go off to sleep and but first set the intention that the healing continues for you and others as you sleep.

If you can shut the world off, other phones, the TV, and give yourself the gift of a quiet spot for 30 minutes during this healing you will likely experience transcendence. It will feel like you’ve left the worries and stress of daily living and have connected with something much greater and beautiful. You will feel the love, light and healing energy of THE DIVINE CREATOR of the Universe. You will feel a personal connection to GOD, THE DIVINE, INFINITE SPIRIT OF LIGHT AND LOVE, or whatever you call you Source. We will all be protected by the highest white light and love and our healing will be for the highest and best for all involved.

The backstory: Since August of 2008, my brother in CA, my sister in MA, and I have been doing these group targeted healings for individuals and hot spots in the world. In all cases, those participating have experienced an uplifting spiritual, physical, and emotional healing and in a few cases, well let’s just say we’ve some miraculous results. If you feel inspired to share any feedback after this experience that you’d like to share with me, please e-mail me at Feedback after the event will help me determine how frequently these healings will be offered.


Blessings, Laura