Thankful For…

Posted by Laura Emerald
November 19th, 2017
Thankful For…

Thankful for…

My Mom who 3 years ago crossed to heaven.

An amazing woman who lovingly held together our family of seven.

My Dad who shares my love for nature, animals, the great outdoors and more:

Had animal adventures, kayaked with seals and our favorite ~ holding wolf cubs for sure!

My sisters and brothers, so special a tribe, as adults we are friends… so lucky am I.

My children: a lovely daughter, sweet sons, and bright grand-daughter, oh my!

A husband who loves me along with my two dogs and a cat.

Friends that are amazing, work that I love, and a nice home to call my own.

Spending free time a Medium Messenger for Spirit and helping “green up” my town.

And GRATEFUL for YOU whose life has touched mine in some way or somehow…

Traveling this path of life together somehow… walking into the future, sharing the now.

The freedom in a country where we can each make the US a safe haven for all not a few…

And take steps to stop prejudice and violence toward minorities, women, and children too.

These freedoms I treasure and hope together we can make the US a beacon of light once more

Our ability to unite in the name of love, coming together for values with honor and dignity restored.

The ability to express these thoughts and not live in FEAR but with LOVE in my heart and shared about

Being me and living my life ~ trying to bring light and love to dark corners, sharing joy with a shout.

So grateful I am, that these trying times are shining a microscope on all of the work to be done.

So with LOVE as our weapon, let’s heal ourselves, our country, and the world ~ now we’ve begun!

♥ Laura Emerald, November 19, 2017


About the Author: Laura Emerald, Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher, Environmental Activist, and Author of We are HERE: Whispers of Love, a short collection of channeled messages from Children in spirit and available on Amazon. Laura is passionate about bringing together like-minded folks to help individuals attain a higher vibration and help the planet increase its frequency for the health of all!  Laura has been bringing messages of hope and healing to her clients for over 15 years, helping thousands heal and evolve. Laura lives in central Massachusetts, USA, with her husband, two sons, dogs, and cat.