Solstice Sentiments

Posted by Laura Emerald
June 21st, 2019
Solstice Sentiments

Namaste! This morning as I awoke to the beautiful, loud chirping, cawing, and singing of birdsong, I smiled and thought how wonderful this special and longest day of the year might be. The energy this particular week is phenomenal with the Strawberry Moon a few days ago, the relentless and cleansing rains in New England, and today the seasonal milestone that heralds the joys of summer!
I tried to follow the stirrings of my soul all day long today. I began by getting up about 30 minutes earlier and fit in time to do some Yoga stretches and cooking before work. I honored my inner voice and even did some writing after feeding my zoo. I have a four year old dog named Xena who is a sweet fawn colored rescue dog with white paws, muzzle, and a star on her back along with a dollop of white on the tip of her tail. I also have a feline with serious attitude, named Delilah who is a persnickety 14 year old cat. She graces us with her presence every so often and refuses to play with Xena under any circumstances. I also have an outdoor chicken coop with a small flock of 5 egg laying hens. They are a sweet bunch of cluckers. I LOVE my morning routine saying hello to my gang and caring for them every morning.
At the end of the day today I picked up my dog and headed straight to my favorite conservation land for a long walk in the woods around a beaver pond. As the sun slanted through the trees, the fields and woods sparkled and glistened and I felt divine. Taking the time to connect with nature is positively wonderful and keeps me going. I hope you found fun and sacred moments of bliss today and the in the weekend ahead. If you didn’t and want to connect with loved ones to help bring you hope and healing, reach out via email at or call me: 617-281-1866. In the meantime try to be wild, naughty, and have some fun! Be sure to let your wild woman or spontaneous super powers out of the box and howl at the moon perhaps? Love and light to each of you on your summer journey. Laura
Laura Emerald is a Psychic Medium, Wife, Mother, Sustainable Living and Environmental Activist, Teacher, Speaker, and author of a number of articles and We are Here, Whispers of Love, an Amazon e-book. This blog is a forum for sharing spiritual development and mediumship insights, stories, love, and strategies for living more sustainably. Blessings!