Signs and Messages From Spirit ~ Let Their Magic Help You All Year Long!

Posted by Laura Emerald
October 30th, 2014
Signs and Messages From Spirit ~ Let Their Magic Help You All Year Long!

Halloween is often the time of year when many folks think of witches, ghosts, and perhaps communicating with people in Spirit.  It is often said that the veil is “thinner” in the fall and it’s easier to connect with loved ones in spirits. You many notice you “feel or sense” your loved ones around you more at this time of year.

How does that work exactly? Well our loved ones in spirit lower their “energy or vibration” and as mediums we “raise our vibration” so a connection can be made.  It’s rather like a handshake. Spirits extend their hands and we reach up and make that connection. You don’t have to be a medium per se to make this connection because we are all born with this ability. I think at this time of year, most people are more “open” to the possibility of feeling our loved ones although there’s likely an astrological alignment that influences this time of cosmic clarity.

The truth is that anyone can learn techniques and tools to increase our own vibration to allow ourselves to directly communicate with spirit. There are many classes offered to help with this if it’s something you are looking to develop. In the meantime while your loved ones in spirit are waiting for you to tune into them, they are likely working hard to send you signs and messages. The following list includes some of the most common signs:

  • Coins – Since your loved one has passed are you noticing quarters, dimes, nickels, or pennies appearing every time you are thinking about your loved one? Putting coins in our path is easy for our loved ones in spirit so acknowledge them with thanks when they send you a monetary message!
  • Animals & Birds – Comes to us with messages every single day. You could look up the meaning of each bird, animal, and insect that visits you in Ted Andrews, Animal Speaks It’s a great tool to glean the meaning as to why these animals to come to us in our lives. However, sometimes our loved ones in spirits use Birds, especially, but sometimes animals and insects to get our attention too. For example if your cat or dog is staring off into the corner of the room while you are thinking about your Mom or Dad in spirit, your parents just might be in the room with you then. Animals can see spirits so their odd behavior is sometimes a clue. Sometimes our loved ones influence birds or insects to get our attention. For example, my own grandmother comes to me as a certain bird. Once she gets my attention, I then tune into her for the message. While doing a reading, a friend’s son told me he would come to his Mom as a hummingbird to get her attention if she wasn’t tuning in to her.
  • Lights & Clocks – It is very easy for our loved ones in spirit to influence electricity to get our attention. The most common thing I’ve heard is loved ones in spirits taking credit for blinking lights either in the house or even street lights while you are walking. I’ve also heard of spirits who like to flash certain numbers either on a clock, cell phone, or where ever to get the attention of their loved one.

For our loved ones in spirit who are trying to get us messages or get our attention, for them it’s like being on an island without a phone. When they get the chance, they try to send messages anyway they can. Are you paying attention to your “messages in bottles” from your peeps in spirit?


Laura Emerald is a Spirit Medium, Wife, Mother, Sustainable Living and Environmental Activist, Teacher, Speaker, and author of a number of articles and soon-to-be-published books. This blog is a forum for sharing spiritual development and mediumship insights, stories, love, and strategies for living more sustainably. Blessings!