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This exclusive membership gives you access to weekly and monthly guidance and LIVE training sessions to help you develop your own Psychic and Mediumship Skills and belong to a community of like-minded people!

    Basic Membership, $22/month grants you access to:

  • Receiving weekly guidance for connecting to spirit
  • Getting answers to your questions in our Facebook Forum
  • Participating in special monthly channeled healing sessions
  • 10% off in-person courses with Katherine & Laura
  • TWO professional mediums for Psychic & Mediumship Development
  • A forum of like-minded lightworkers helping to raise your own frequency and the frequency of Planet Earth
  • Monday‚Äôs Bi-Monthly Mediumship, Meditation, & More Training sessions
  • Fun surprise sessions added throughout the year!
    Premium Membership, $40/month grants you access to:

  • All of the above
  • Monthly in person classes, for Emerald Glass Portal Members only
  • 1 (30) minute Spiritual Development Session every six months

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Note: This forum is not a substitute for therapy or readings but is strictly a development forum to support my spiritual growth and development. I understand I can cancel this service by emailing laura@dev.lauraemerald.com and requesting my service to be cancelled within 3 business days.

Registration Fee: $22.00

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