Power Versus Force ~ Rally for LOVE & Ascension

Posted by Laura Emerald
August 19th, 2017
Power Versus Force ~ Rally for LOVE & Ascension

“The peace of God is with them whose mind and soul are in harmony, who are free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul.”   ~ Anonymous, The Bhagavad Gita


To my fellow citizens, let us not forget that the majority of Americans, and indeed people across the world, see the actions of hate groups promoting racism, hate, and fear as deplorable and cowardice. It is also ever so sad and still shocking that Our Orange President Serving (OOPS) is included in this group of individuals excusing behavior that is unacceptable and wrong. However I and many of my fellow Americans are coming out of our numbness, passionate about taking a stand in solidarity against such HATE groups. Today across the United States there will be rallies where extremist will be claiming their “free speech” rites, while confronting those brave souls who are choosing to rally and gather as one, opposed to their HATE and bigotry.

This prayer is for you, for all of you, in the hopes that we can together raise the vibration in our country and indeed the world. OOPS has yanked off a band-aid and revealed not only his true nature this past week, but is exposing and indeed fanning the fire for the many individuals who choose HATE as a lens with which to view the world and act upon their hatred. Let us try to look up instead of down,  for the Law of Attraction tells us that when we focus on something, we get more of that. What I’m saying here is that if we choose to fight Hatred with Anger, Hate, and Violence, is that the bigots and haters will have won for we will have joined them in their cesspool. Let us each endeavor to be like the brightest STARS who have come before us,  following the steps of Ghandi for example, by turning our attention truly to a higher frequency yielding the POWER OF LOVE as our inner North Star.

In David R. Hawkings book, Power vs. Force, he reveals a map of human consciousness, showing a “frequency” scale from 0-1000, where 500 is the frequency of Love, 1000 is Enlightenment, Shame and Guilt at the bottom of the scale at 20 and 30 respectively, Fear at 100, with Anger at 150 and Pride at 175. He teaches how we can each test ourselves to see where we vibrate on the scale. True Power comes from those Souls who have ascended to higher “frequencies” while the lower frequency souls live and dwell on a “level of human consciousness” that deploys Fear to lead.  According to Hawkins, “Force often relies upon rhetoric, propaganda, and arguments to garner support and disguise underlying motivations. One characteristic of truth, though, is that it needs no defense; it’s self-evident. That “all men are created equal” requires no justification or rhetorical persuasion. That it’s wrong to gas people to death in concentration camps is self-evident; it requires no argument. The principles that true power is based upon never require vindication, as force inevitably does – there are always endless arguments about whether force is “justified” or not.

It’s clear that power is associated with that which supports life, and force is associated with that which exploits life for the gain of an individual or organization. Force is divisive and, through that divisiveness, weakens, whereas power unifies. Force polarizes.   … Power attracts, whereas force repels. Because power unifies, it has no true enemies, although it’s manifestations may be opposed by opportunities whose ends it doesn’t serve. Power serves others, whereas force is self-serving. … Power appeals to our higher nature, force to our lower nature. Force is limited, whereas power is unlimited.”


A Prayer for YOU


Today, take a stand and choose LOVE, not Hate

Check in with your heart and consider your Fate.

Are you going to join them and sink like stone?

Or ascend on wings of LOVE to your powerful throne?

Tap into the POWER of choosing LOVE and be reminded we all have a soul,

Different on the outside, inside we vibrate high and low; we each have our role.

In this cosmic dance we call life, we learn and teach each other

But at the end of the day we can call each other sister and brother.

So… I imagine for you whether you rally today or not, out with a group or home with your pup,

A huge and powerful blanket of LOVE in the sky above you all, reminding everyone to look up.

Choose POWER… Choose LOVE… and know you can ascend and feel peace in your heart,

No matter the chaos around you, it’s a choice ~ will you join them in anger or say no from the start?

Together we have POWER when we remember this truth: Love will only win if we allow it

In our thoughts and actions; heeding its wise and gentle course that leads us UP out of the pit

Where anger, darkness, self-righteous, bigotry, and racism slither out of sight

So shine our lights bright today, being the best version of yourself for LOVE IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Like the brightest star in the sky, burning steady and true,

You are a true gem, unique because you’re YOU.

Choose wisely, my friend as to whether you have to “fight”

Or pray and send love, from your heart, do what you think is “right”.

I’ll love you always, no matter your choice,

Just speak YOUR truth and find YOUR voice.

I can hear a chorus of Angels, applauding those choosing LOVE

For we are never alone ~but supported from divine beings ABOVE.

So with that I will leave you to go on as best you can,

Knowing there are many joining you as a fan:




Namaste, Laura Emerald, August 19th from Central MA,

Sending bright sparks of love and light up to shower down on our country, igniting embers of love in the hearts of millions to shine forth, blinding and burning up hatred in the gentlest of ways.