One Flame ~ Many Candles

Posted by Laura Emerald
January 20th, 2017
One Flame ~ Many Candles

During these interesting times, I was reminded this week that we would do well to remember we are all many candles who come from One Flame.  The light of the Divine shines forth in ALL of us.  The concept of feeling separate from each other, our environment, and the higher realm is an illusion.

If you think of humanity as represented on a piano key board.  When some souls first incarnate, they come in and have a wonderful time learning the many lessons that life has to teach them. As they evolve up the keyboard they go from “lower notes” to “higher and higher notes”.  They cannot however, jump levels and automatically become a higher level being.  It doesn’t work that way. Many more enlightened and higher frequency souls, choose to help “lower frequency” beings along the path and are guides for others on their path. In the book Power vs. Force by David Hawkins, he explains frequency using a scale of 1000 with 500 as the frequency of love, 700 and above as the frequency of enlightenment.  The frequency of Grief and Anger are 75 and 150 respectively.  When we can shift our own frequency to a higher level, for example Courage which is at 200, not only do we feel more peaceful and better overall, but we radiate that frequency out to the world.

Our purpose and goal as we each evolve is to move up the scale toward the higher frequency emotions and vibrations until we completely align with THE DIVINE, GOD, or INFINITE SPIRIT, or whatever you choose to call the source of creation.  He even explains a way for each of us to find out our own frequency in this lifetime which I admit I haven’t done the exercise yet. I’m not 100 % sure I actually want to know.

Despite life’s unsolved mysteries, I encourage each of us to remember we still are very powerful beings and our candles together can and will shine brine brightly when we decide to put our energy toward raising our frequency as much as possible!

To help my tribe and anyone interested in participating in receiving a healing audio mp3 file that you can play on your phone or computer, beginning this Sunday I’ll be offering a specially channeled “Sunday High Healing” Meditation.  The 15 -20 minute healing meditation will include relaxing and energy clearing visualization for you and together we’ll send healing to our country and the world. Each week will have a different theme and the first one will be One Flame, Many Candles. The way it will work is that you can order on my website the $20 audio file and I’ll send you a link via drop box on Sunday before 6:30pm.  You can of course listen to it at any time, but it would be wonderful if we can together listen to the healing and actively participate in it together at 7:00pm EST.  The power of group healing and intentional raising of our own frequency and that of the planet is not to be underestimated!  As I want everyone to be able to participate if interested, I am providing a free code if the $20 is beyond your financial reach.  The free code that I set up a few years ago just happens to be Lighthouse. You can put that in the Coupon field and you will not be charged the $20.   I’ll have a link on my Facebook page too for this Sunday healing. If you’ve participated in these in the past, you know how powerful they are. I’ll be doing this every week so please share the sign up with your friends. The only thing is that you have to sign up each week as it will not automatically roll you into the next week. That way, it will continue to be an intentional gift that you can do for yourself and others every week.

If you like this healing and want more support for yourself on your own spiritual journey, consider joining me in the Emerald Glass Portal which is an exclusive Facebook community where Katherine Glass and I stream live Facebook classes, meditations and have weekly guidance for you along your journey.  So… there is lots of support for you on your own journey and in the meantime, do whatever you love doing to help your own candle shine as bright as you can and together we’ll light up the world!

Namaste,  Laura

About the Author: Laura Emerald, Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher and Author of We are HERE: Whispers of Love, a short collection of channeled messages from Children in spirit and available on Amazon. Laura is passionate about bringing together lightworkers, and like-minded folks to help individuals attain a higher vibration and help the planet increase its frequency for the health of all! After a twenty plus year corporate career in Software Quality Assurance, Laura discovered her ability to communicate with those in spirit. Laura has been bringing messages of hope and healing to her clients ever since, helping thousands heal and evolve. Laura lives in central Massachusetts, USA.