Solstice 2015 Sending Light, Love, and Healing to Earth

Posted by Laura Emerald
December 21st, 2015
Solstice 2015 Sending Light, Love, and Healing to Earth

On the Solstice 2015 Sending Light, Love, and Healing to Earth

Imagine right now billions of people all o’er the world, sending LIGHT and LOVE for our hearts to keep!
Indeed the world would be a brighter place if we all reached inside and brought out LOVE from down deep!

Inside us is a place, I’ll call it The Wall, where fears grow and fester, casting shadows on LOVE
It’s dark and gloomy when we focus too much there, disconnecting us from Divine LOVE ABOVE.

Let’s imagine, the Earth wrapped in a healing Golden blanket of LOVE shimmering with rainbows bright,
Surrounding the planet, her people, the animals, birds, fish, oceans, and mountains in golden LIGHT.

See it infused with as much love, healing, and joy as you can muster from inside your heart;
For you see if we can all imagine this, our planet healed, hatred and violence gone, it’s a start.

If we then give love to each other in such very small ways, sharing our smiles, our caring, and kindness
Then terror, fear, and angst, will shrink away as our hearts fill with Light, tolerance and open-mindness.

This is my gift to you, to me, and us all, LOVE, LIGHT and CHEER for each, so hearken to the call,
And starting on the solstice and all year long ~choose right, choose LOVE and let it flow to all!

Blessings to you and yours and may your life be filled with bright LIGHT, LOVE, and PEACE!
Laura Emerald
Connecting Spirit, People, and The Planet

About: Laura Emerald is a Spirit Medium, Spiritual & Mediumship Development Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Author. She actively downloads and shares messages, light, and love, from the higher realm.  Laura Invites you to visit Laura Emerald’s FACEBOOK page and sign up for her monthly newsletter at

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