First Holiday With Your Loved One In Spirit

Posted by Laura Emerald
November 27th, 2014
First Holiday With Your Loved One In Spirit

As we go through the first holidays after our loved ones have gone to spirit, we feel sadness and wonder how lives go on when our hearts are so heavy.  We miss them so much and want to feel them near us but in our grief it’s often difficult to raise our awareness to make a connection with our loved ones.  I know for certain as a medium just because we can’t feel them about us, it doesn’t mean they are not there.  However even with this knowledge it’s hard going forward in our lives especially times that are “supposed to be happy” when we perhaps feel alone or sad about the “loss” of our loved one.

I know this first hand as my very own mother, Carol Amirault, passed to spirit last Wednesday and we buried her just 2 days ago.  The sadness and raw grief that we experience at this time of transition for our loved ones is really beyond words.  In my mother’s case, she was wishing to be in the higher realm but what of the grief when children move on to spirit?  Our grief and sadness at that kind of loss and seemingly senseless tragedy knows no bounds.

In the face of our grief, I was comforted by a book I had recently read called: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan. Annie is not a medium and is in fact a retired Chiropractor who tragically loses her brother, Billy, in a car accident. Billy, starts talking to her from the other side and the book shares the insights and experiences she has during these communications.  In the book he goes on to describe the first place one moved onto and he calls it a healing chamber where indescribable love is felt. He describes it as: “I felt as if I’d just showered in a waterfall of pure energy. Instead of feeling the light inside me, I was now inside the light.”  He goes on to say, “Discovering self-love is worth doing. When you are born, when the amnesia happens you forget your magnificence and you think you have to earn the right to be loved. How can you earn what already belongs to you?”

I was greatly comforted by the information he shared about his experiences including a description of the cosmic sounds of the afterlife. He thinks the composer Sibelius composition, “The Swan of Tuonela” and Mahler’s Eighth Symphony The Chorus Mysticus sounds the closest to the Celestial voices signing exquisite music filled with light.

In the book, Billy talks about Grace and Gratitude in a beautiful way. “But for the Grace of God, You can never measure someone else’s state of Grace.”  “That’s why so many spiritual paths’ promote the concept of gratitude. It helps you notice the grace in your life.”  “Thank You” is a high message – possibly the most healing measure of all. Thank You aligns you with the grace that comes from the Universe of Soul.”

So on this Thanksgiving Day, the first holiday after the loss of my Mom, I am grateful for her love and lessons in my life. I thank her for her gifts in the physical realm and the significant role she played in making me who I am today. I thank her for her continued presence in my life as she’s already been helping me and my family from the other side.  I also want to thank you for reaching out to me to help me connect to your loved ones in spirit. May your heart on this Thanksgiving Day be a little lighter and brighter as you “Thank” the loved ones in your life and know your loved ones in spirt are sending you peace and love.


In Gratitude and Love, Laura