Frequently Asked Questions


Can I “control” who comes through or guarantee that a specific person will come through?

No, as a medium, I can’t control who comes through and typically the first spirits to come through are often the most dominant personalities or “energy” in spirit. They come with messages of love and healing and clients are often surprised by how helpful their insights are.  At the time the appointment is scheduled, I encourage clients to set an intention for who they would like to come through but at the same time be open to those who do come through.  Although I can’t “guarantee” a specific person comes through, my experience has been that if they are possibly able to make the connection and come through, they will.

How can I prepare for a reading?

There are three things to do to prepare for a reading.

First, be open to the whole experience. Second, set an intention if there is a specific spirit you would like to come through in the reading. If they are able to, they will. However, be aware that it takes energy on their part to be able to present themselves to a medium. If that’s not possible for them, don’t worry, as others will. And third, prior to the reading, you may be more comfortable if you eat light, drink a lot of water, and refrain from drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs. Essentially, please respect the sacredness of the communication and the experience as it will help make for a stronger link.

Spirit Mediumship readings are against my religion. Does that make them bad or the product of “dark energy?”

I was brought up Catholic and graduated from a Catholic college. I understand that some religions believe that Mediumship is not the work of God. However, I wholeheartedly and respectfully disagree. I have found Mediumship as a way to embrace my own personal connection to the spiritual realm and help others do the same.

I have set the highest and best intentions to serve others with pure love and healing by connecting them to the spirit world so that they can live more harmoniously. I have also set protections for myself and my clients to not allow lower “vibrations” or darker and denser energies to emerge during my readings.

I consider mediumship readings and healing sessions to be a sacred responsibility and gift from God, The Creator, or The Divine Energy, whatever you perceive that to be and all based on pure love.

I thought people were born with this gift. How do some people develop it later?

I firmly believe we are all born with this innate connection to the spiritual realm but somehow it is socialized out of us or “forgotten”. Just like playing the piano, anyone can learn to play or to connect with the higher realm and with enough practice can strengthen their ability. Some people, of course, are born with a very strong connection to spirit and others discover their connection later in life.

If you’re really psychic, how come you haven’t won the lottery?

Connection to spirit should not be used for personal gain but is to be shared to help people and the planet.

What if nobody comes through during my reading?

This has not yet happened to me although I understand it does occasionally happen to other mediums. My experience has been that someone always comes through whether it is family or friends in spirit, or a person’s spirit guides.

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium? Which one are you?

I am both a psychic and a medium. The difference is that people who are psychic can connect with a person’s guides and get information that way, but a medium directly connects with a person’s loved ones and friends in spirit.

Will information about my future come up during a reading?

While it is possible during a reading that some future information might come up, in general, I do not seek out information about the future for a person during a reading because there are other variables influencing future events.  However our loved ones in spirit often give us guidance that help steer us toward best future path/options for ourselves.