Everyday Choices Matter ~ Chapter 3 in The Sensitive Soul’s Guide to the Galaxy in a Crazy World

Everyday Choices Matter ~ Chapter 3 in The Sensitive Soul’s Guide to the Galaxy in a Crazy World

Well the US elections are over and many changes are on the horizon causing tremendous fear and anxiety for many people who voted for other candidates.  If you are even remotely sensitive, you will be picking up and feeling the undercurrent.  For those that voted for the President Elect, there is excitement that many things will change and indeed they will. For those who voted against, there’s tremendous and real fear about what is already happening and possibly coming down the road. One friend said: “Just like after 9:11, I feel the world has changed but this time our own country has betrayed us.” There’s been fear, insomnia, anger, anxiety, and frankly rifts among family members who have voted for opposing candidates.  I have been asked by clients for Spiritual Development sessions to help them cope.  And at times like this, I look to the Earth and the Higher Realm for a path to help us all create a more vibrant community.  This post focuses on 10 things that we can all agree on:


  • A Better Future -Envision the future of our country as more loving and healed with thriving local communities, friendly neighbors of all backgrounds, and enough of all resources for everyone. This includes fresh air, water, food, and love and the economic means to live comfortably.
  • Feeling Safe – Everyone wants to feel safe and this is important because we all have the right to feel safe. Archangel Michael is the unseen protector who will help shield and bring safety to those who ask. As we walk through our daily life, envision a beautiful golden light from Creation, surrounding you, your family, and especially children. Only we can control how we feel so take steps to feel better by relying on your community and the higher realm and accept help.
  • Act Locally – Take action on the local level in your community to improve the world. The fact is that what you can do on a local level will much more dramatically impact the quality of your life than what politicians in Washington D.C. can do for you. The time for relying on “others” to fix things that are broken in our country is over. We must get involved to help the causes and issues we are passionate about. If you want more peace…become a warrior for peace. If you are concerned about the environment, start in your home consuming less of everything. If you are concerned for friends and family members who are afraid of immigration or discrimination, go out of your way to offer friendship, love, and perhaps plan a community dinner. Everyone feels better when they are connected more firmly to the fabric of the local community.
  • Time goes by fast – Given that what is important in your life. What are your goals? If evolving as a human being is anywhere on your list, then there will many opportunities to demonstrate that you have evolved and see things from a higher perspective. Know that you could completely enhance your life for the better, making new friends, starting a spiritual development practice, and getting involved locally.
  • Love is the answer, it’s always the answer. When we are born our family feels the explicit wonder of this new loving Being that has joined the family ranks. When we die, the measure of our lives is always how much love we gave and received, not how much money in the bankroll.  Kindness does matter, so let’s be as kind and loving to ourselves and everyone we meet every day because it’s those tiny choices we make every day… to smile at someone passing or not… to offer help with someone struggling to hold a door or carry groceries… that really matter.
  • The present is a present and it’s our place of power. The ability to impact change is always in the present… not the past. The future will be created from and built upon our choices today.  So… feel the power you have in your life to control your immediate environment and your community. You have more power to positively impact your situation than you realize and to positively impact others.
  • The answer lies within each of us. I heard a recent story about a woman being harassed on the subway in a major US city. Another woman sitting nearby decided to be the super hero. She got out of her seat and pretended to know the woman and gave her a big hug saying a fake name. The woman played along and the whole seen interrupted the harassment going on putting an end to it. It’s a story of love in action.
  • Actions do speak louder than words and frankly make you feel better too. These are interesting times that we live in and before each of us is the opportunity to make a difference. Align your actions with your own values and share with the world your very best!  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”  ~Gandhi
  • We all want to feel good! None of us can control how others feel but we can help ourselves feel better. Here’s my top three recommendations for feeling better: 1) Go on a short media fast, no new feeds, no tv, no newspapers for a few days. You deserve the break and it will make you feel better. 2) Get outside in nature every day for a brisk walk. It will get your blood flowing and your mind in a more peaceful state. 3) Begin your day with a prayer for peace and vow to be an instrument of peace as you walk through your day.
  • Go High! Certainly taking the high road will help in every situation. This includes forgiving our loved ones, letting go of the blame about who won/lost the election, and moving on.  Look to the higher realm and strengthen your connection with your own loved ones in spirit, Your Spirit Guides, the Angelic Realm, and the Divine. Setting the intention to draw upon the highest frequency energy on the planet makes a lot of sense for it will uplift you tremendously. If you can start a meditation practice you will be in AWE of its Power. Above all else, Be Gentle with Yourself for you are a Child of the Universe, No less than the trees and the stars.”  ~ Desiderata


In closing, I am personally walking the talk and taking my own advice. On Monday I turn 50 and will be beginning a 50 in 4 Challenge!  Over the next 4 years I’m going to go to all 50 states and channel a powerful healing meditation!  I was inspired months ago to share the unique spiritual nature of each state in our union but the plan has crystalized recently. Yyou can join me on this venture through a new platform that I’ll unveil on Sunday. There will be 2 videos each month, one tohelp heal ourselves, each other, our community, state, country, and planet, and a second on how to take action that will help you live more sustainably and positively impact the environment. It’s more than my name that’s green as I was the former co-founder of Sustainable Life Solution and the creator of the “Go Green Around the Home” program.  It’s my way of making a difference and living my values, sharing my talents with YOU!  I’m SUPER excited about this and the healing will be more powerful if you join us too!    If you are free, join me on my Facebook page, Sunday December 4th at 7:00pm for this healing as there will be a link with information!  I appreciate your continued support on this journey and if you want my support and coaching for your spiritual development, please consider joining me in the Emerald Glass Portal or for a Spiritual Development session. To learn more visit me at!


About the Author: Laura Emerald, Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher and Author of We are HERE: Whispers of Love, a short collection of channeled messages from Children in spirit and available on Amazon. Laura is passionate about bringing together like-minded folks to help individuals attain a higher vibration and help the planet increase its frequency for the health of all!  Laura has been bringing messages of hope and healing to her clients for 15 years, helping thousands heal and evolve. Laura lives in central Massachusetts, USA, with her husband, two sons, dogs, cat, and flock of chickens.