Do You Hear What I Hear?

Posted by Laura Emerald
August 12th, 2018
Do You Hear What I Hear?

As I sit in my living in my favorite chair listening to Aeoliah’s Angel Love, I feel the loving breeze of the Angelic realm and it truly sounds like I am listening to Angels singing. The music is divine.  I am on a small couch leaning against a blanket from India that reminds me of an experience I had in an Ashram I went to in India in 2005, where it truly felt as if I stepped into a stream of love.   I am in this moment, basking in love as I see my dog Xena snoozing on the couch across from me, tuckered out from our walk in the woods this morning.  I’m sipping a cup of my favorite coffee, yes I became a coffee drinker 4 months ago when the pace in my life required an extra kick mid-day to give me more energy, and I love it. 

Here’s the thing, this past week listening to the desperately sad and surreal stories of families still separated by the government has me down, really down.  Then I’m worried about family members facing health challenges, my dog-nephew passing away this week, concern about family members Vaping and other parental worries, what’s happening to women and children over the world from abuse and human trafficking and my worry list could go on and on.  My dear Mom in spirit worried about everything so I got the gene and come by it honestly. However I have learned in my life, I can worry and all of those issues will still be there, or I can do what I can and let the rest go.  Think Disney’s movie Frozen here and the song “Let it Go”.   So… are you feeling a bit overwhelmed and crazy about current events in your personal live or the world??     

If you are… you are NOT alone!  There are so very many of us in this boat so if you want to try an experiment and see if you can help yourself feel so much better, read on. I’m serious. Here are some truths I have learned through the 17 years I’ve been connected to spirit.  If you look toward the higher realm for guidance and direction, you will get it.  Then it’s like a miracle… as you raise your frequency, the lower frequency people in your life will vibrate out of your sphere. You will start noticing the million miracles a day in your life, the synchronicity of the universe sending YOU messages directly and you will feel your heavy heart lightening up a bit. You will feel lighter and dare I say happier even and at times downright Blissful. Now when was the last time you felt BLISS without any mind altering drugs or beverages I ask you??

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you are ready to let go of newscasters, complainers, and advertisers filling your head with lower frequency stuff, read on and learn ways you can tune into a different and higher frequency to bring more love onto the planet and into your own life.  Trust me when I say, learning some simple techniques to raise your frequency to be able tap into the stream of love that is always flowing from source will allow you to fill up your own vessel with pure un-adulterated LOVE – is worth it!!! 

Give yourself 20 minutes a week where you intentionally “change the channel” from what you normally listen to and tune into the higher realm to send and receive vast amounts of LOVE!!  Here are some stories from the trail over the past 17 years that I’ve experienced that have made a HUGE amazing difference in my life and the lives of others! 

  1. Sunday evening at 7:00pm or before you go to bed, allow 20 minutes to do a personal meditation to help heal yourself and the planet.  From 2008-2012 one of my brothers and one of my sisters and hundreds of people around the world would tune in at 7:00pm on Sunday evenings and do a personal healing on ourselves and send healing out to the world. It was powerful and had amazing results.  I’m aiming to bring this back this fall so stay tuned as I’m SOOOOO excited about it!  But in the mean-time you can do it too!
  2. Before you go to sleep at night, set the intention to ask the Angelic realm and whoever you pray to, and your Spirit Guides, and your loved ones in spirit, to help heal you physically, spiritually, and emotionally as you sleep during the night. If you know any time of energy healing modality such as Reiki or Pranic Healing, send some healing to yourself and the world as you go off to sleep. It will make a huge difference!
  3. Rainbow Showers – So about 15 years ago, during a meditation, my grandmother came to me with some lyrics to sing in the shower to help clear my energy on a daily basis. She suggested in the first verse, visualize everyone else’s energy floating away from me and down the drain with love.  The second verse, act like an empty vessel and fill myself up with Rainbows. And the in the 3rd verse, Align with what I perceive the Divine to be for the “Ah” sound is akin to the sound of God, Infinite Spirt, or the Divine or whatever you call the source.   Here are the lyrics and there’s only 3 verses which repeat 3 times each: 1. “Infinite Spirit of Light and Love, let your light and love shine through me.” 2. “Let the Colors of the Rainbow Fill me up, Fill me up, Fill me up, Let the colors of the rainbow, fill me up, fill me up with light and love.”  “Alleluia.”  So, for a decade I’ve been singing this in the shower almost daily. Two weeks after I started, a guy I worked with asked if I was expecting because I was positively glowing and he noticed the change.  At the time, I truly felt a lightness in my step and energy. My son Nick, about two or so at that time, pointed at me as I was standing in front of the white bathroom door and said “Rainbow”.  I looked around and as there weren’t any prisms reflecting rainbow light onto the door, I realized he was seeing my aura filled with rainbows as I had just showered.  About 5 years ago, I asked the amazing Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli to sing the lyrics professionally and put them to music so we could each give away the music.  It’s available on my website as a free download if you’d like it. Note- when I first made this download available on my website, the wrong file was posted and the first 30 people actually got YOURS TRULY singing in the shower which was a demo file for Lori and Fred to hear as they created the master file.  The universe has a sense of humor and so did I!!  This cracked me right up. 
  4. If you’ve sank like a stone or feel your energy is in the swamp, then… go out in nature. Go for a walk, lay on the grass, sit in the sun, for gentle Mother Earth is the best balm to help calm and raise your spirits. And… if you can’t actually get outside, then spring your imagination into action and visualize yourself getting a beautiful shower from a magnificent waterfall and visualize all of the negative energy floating away from you to be transmuted back to love.
  5. Energy or Messages from Spirit: If you could take a class and learn how to be a channel for healing, say take a Reiki Class and bring forth the healing energy of the universe, or take a Beginner Mediumship class and learn how to connect directly with the higher realm, you will not be disappointed. The energy high you can personally experience is amazing and other worldly.  Animals LOVE Reiki and if you take the level 2 class, you learn how to send it remotely.  When my nephew was serving abroad in Afghanistan, I could tell which muscles he injured lifting weights, I felt it when he was doing crunches with weights on his stomach, and most importantly, I sensed he needed Reiki one New Year’s Eve so my Mom, my sons, and I sent him remote healing and followed up with some Happy New Year texts. We later learned he was walking across base when missiles rained down upon him and as he jumped into a bunker for safety received our text messages and felt safe and secure. It was profound and unbelievable but truly happened.  It’s powerful and we all have access to these gifts which are our birthright.   


So… I hope you can hear some of what I hear and allow the Universal Stream of Love to bless your life and hear the sounds of love whispering all around you!  Feel free to email me and share ways you keep your energy high during these challenging times.  Love and light to each of you on your path and I’m glad we are on the journey together.  Namaste, Laura

Note: Photo of Angel in Sky was taken in Woburn, MA in April 2017 by yours truly. 

 Laura Emerald is a Psychic Medium, Wife, Mother, Sustainable Living and Environmental Activist, Teacher, Speaker, and author of a number of articles and We are Here, Whispers of Love, an Amazon e-book. This blog is a forum for sharing spiritual development and mediumship insights, stories, love, and strategies for living more sustainably. Blessings!