Can Anyone Be a Medium?

Posted by Laura Emerald
February 29th, 2016
Can Anyone Be a Medium?

I am often asked if anyone can develop their connection to spirit. This question stirs the heart of many of my clients who sincerely want to connect with their loved ones directly. Whether they have children, parents, siblings, grandparents or pets in spirit, many sense, feel, and sometimes see their loved ones who have passed. I believe the answer is YES. Not only have I taught many people who were skeptical about their own abilities to connect with the higher realm, but most people when asked directly have “weird” experiences they can’t explain. It usually begins with: “Well there was this one time….”


As a Medium, I often describe it as raising one’s frequency or energy vibration as loved ones in spirit lower their frequency so a connection and communication can be made. Here’s another way to think of it. What if we are all like a flame of light. When we are depressed or sad, our flame dims and we likely have a challenging time connecting with the higher realm. At these times our loved ones in spirit might use their energy to come all the way “down” to us to cheer us up. In our own sadness we often miss these connections but rest assured our loved ones are trying.

But what about those times when we are feeling amazing? We are in our groove and feeling completely at harmony with our life and the universe? We feel loved and love everyone around us. We love ourselves as much as we love strangers. Our flame is bright, our energy is high, and we feel connections everywhere. We feel connected to our family and loved ones both here and in spirit. It feels great.

Most of us dwell somewhere between these two points on the spectrum and here’s the question. Can we each learn techniques and new habits to brighten our flame, raising our vibration or frequency, to make that connection? Again, I believe the answer here is YES. I did and hundreds of students I have taught have done so as well. What if being a medium is more about being a channel? A channel for messages from loved ones in spirit of course, but also a channel for love? When we develop our own connection to the higher realm, we can communicate messages and energy. We get to experience the fantastic stream of love that the higher realm wants to download through each of us magnificent souls. I think the answer is unequivocally YES WE CAN do this if we choose to do so. But don’t just take my word for it. Why don’t you try it and see for yourself?


Imagine for moment, if you and I and everyone we know set the intention to brighten our flames, experiencing more love for ourselves and others? What if we combined each of our small flames into a beautiful glowing torch of light and love and shared that love with people here, loved ones in spirit and Mother Earth herself? Imagine the power? Experience this amazing event on Sunday, March 20th for a divine hour that will knock your socks off. Step into this divine stream of love with me and others and experience it for yourself. You will surely brighten your own flame and will enjoy the feeling of claiming your power and light! Warning: While participating you might enjoy a visit with your own loved ones in spirit or activate your connection to spirit. Should this occur, it is recommended to study and develop your skills under the instruction of a professional medium. To register: Equinox Event


If you miss this event, check back at as there will be more free energy raising events each month! Bright Blessings, Laura

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