Bringing Your Secret Gifts Out Into the Light

Posted by Laura Emerald
July 1st, 2014
Bringing Your Secret Gifts Out Into the Light

For 13 years now I have been aware of my ability as a Medium. Initially I was quite reluctant first to believe it and later to embrace the gifts. Learning to develop these abilities was done with the goal of learning how to control it and to shut it off. However Spirit had another idea and eventually I came around and realized these things happened for a reason. I reached a place of Grace and Acceptance and decided to help as many people as asked for a reading or classes and I haven’t regretted a bit of it. Was it scary? Absolutely! I have relatives who announced to the family that I was crazy and, to this day, don’t like discussing this aspect of my life. In fact, they would prefer it was still in the closet. But that’s ok, because it’s time that we all bring our not often discussed but real connection to the higher realm out into the light of day and embrace the “Possibility of AND.” In my case, I was a very busy mother, Director of QA for a high-tech company, wife, AND I was having very real experiences with the higher realm.
I have talked to so many people who have stories about their own inexplicable experiences around the time that their loved ones went to spirit, from their own near death experiences, or simply inexplicable experiences with paranormal. I remember a former boss of mine told me that when his father-in-law passed, he saw the number five everywhere. It was his father-in-law’s favorite number and even at 1:00 in the morning he’d awake to the digital clock flashing 5:55am, as just one example. I remember him saying it’s the sort of thing I never talk about because I sound crazy but I know I can tell you and you’ll understand. Indeed I can understand as I’ve had so many experiences that one could surely call crazy, except I’m not crazy. I decided to embrace the possibility that there is much more than we know or understand. I can appreciate and participate in the world of spirit AND be a responsible parent, loving wife, environmental activist, and yes a Psychic Medium although I prefer the term Spirit Medium as I think it honors the Divine more directly. When I fully embraced my gifts, I felt as if I was finally stepping into the flow of life and doing what I was born to do! At the age of forty-something, I am embarking full time as a Spirit Medium and am day by day overcoming any reservations about it. I’m embracing this other aspect of me fully and shining light upon it.
So, what secret gifts do you have in the closet that you might like to bring into the sunshine of day? If developing your connection to the divine or the world of spirit, or learning more about helping you or your community reduce your carbon footprint or resource consumption, I’d love to hear from you. Email:
Laura Emerald is a Spirit Medium, Wife, Mother, Sustainable Living and Environmental Activist, Teacher, Speaker, and author of a number of articles and soon-to-be-published books. This blog is a forum for sharing spiritual development and mediumship insights, stories, love, and strategies for living more sustainably. Blessings!