Love the Blizzard ~ Blizzard of Love

Posted by Laura Emerald
January 27th, 2015
Love the Blizzard ~ Blizzard of Love

Today, January 27, 2015, Mother Nature is bringing a Blizzard of Love, Peace, and Quiet to many in New England. However if you live along the coast either on an Island or the mainland, where flooding is occurring, I’m sure this Blizzard with hurricane force winds is not feeling like a Blizzard of Love at all.  For all of those impacted by the storm with flooding, loss of power, or any challenges the storm has brought, I’m sending you each love, light, and healing. I also ask my readers to take a moment and do the same. Together our prayers during this Blizzard to send healing to the storm surges, and to all those impacted by the storm will make a difference.  To all of us comfortably sitting snug in your warm homes right now, the rest of this post may apply to you?

Sure a Blizzard is inconvenient to our “normal” business of life, but it’s also a gift. It took me a bit to accept this majestic gift instead of fight or fear the gift.  On Sunday night before the storm, listening for the news for an hour had me all stressed about it. I felt my pulse quicken, and realized my physical body was experiencing stress just thinking about it.  Then I took stock of my preparedness: I have gallons of water set aside in case we lose power. I filled the tub to flush in case of power loss. We have wood by the fire place in case we have to heat and cook there. I have a stocked pantry, freezer and fridge and if needed, we can refrigerate the food outside in a cooler if needed. Yesterday I filled the car with gas and picked up some milk and a few supplies from a local farm. Perhaps you enjoyed some of your pre-storm ritual or are so prepared you didn’t let the stress bother you?

Upon waking up to the world of white today where it looks like we are living inside a snow globe I listened to the silence outside. There are no cars or traffic that I can hear, no planes overhead… only the wind, the snow blowing in gentle gusts swirling its crystalline flake all about, and occasionally, the tinkling of the wind chimes by the front door.

After shoveling a bit this morning to allow Rory, short for Aurora, our dog, out and make sure the small flock of 8 chickens were fed and had fresh water… I walked around the yard and listened and enjoyed. The snow drifts were about 4 – 5 feet in some areas but it looks like we’re getting about 3 feet of snow. This photo above taken at 9:00am today shows some of the snow on the shed roof. Rory was ploughing through the snow what was nearly covering her entirely in the yard.  In the photo the area the dog is running through had already been plowed once during the night at some point by our dedicated plow guy. There’s more snow now that it’s early afternoon and still the gentle flakes swirl about.

Pondering the message of the storm, I kept hearing the phrase “Blizzard of Love” blanketing the area. We needed this storm to bring its quiet message to take time today and be still. Go outside and spend a bit of time without a shovel in hand… looking and observing, listening, and admiring.  Or stay inside and read a book, a blog, or whatever makes your soul sing! For today, God, or Infinite Spirit is the brilliant artist that decided our lives needed a bit of blanketing with love. These unique crystalline snowflakes are each a miniscule gift. Combining together to inspire us to go within… journey inside yourself today and find that spark of unity.  Feel the oneness with the world, the creator, the earth, and yes the snow.  When storms like Hurricanes and Tsunamis hit the earth, people often have to flee elsewhere to safety. In a Blizzard, we have to hunker down and retreat within. Spend some time with ourselves and our families.  Maybe do some shoveling for ourselves and our neighbors if needed.  Find the joy… in the solitude and quiet and try to envision this beautiful storm as a Blizzard of Love from our loved ones in spirit.  If you do lose power, please be safe when travelling or deciding how to best handle your circumstances for you and your family!


Sending Love, Light, and Warmth,

Namaste, Laura