Align with THE DIVINE ~ You’ve got to try this!

Posted by Laura Emerald
August 28th, 2015
Align with THE DIVINE ~ You’ve got to try this!

Ever wonder what it feels like to tap into a river of love? With the chaos of our busy lives constantly streaming at us… it’s hard to carve out time to “get Zen”, relax, and breathe deeply. We all know that stress causes inflammation in our bodies bringing with it all sorts of health related issues. However finding the time and energy to de-stress is often too much for many. It’s easier to ride the wave of chaos and believing that tomorrow will be calmer. Everything in our busy lives, the phones, computers, relationships, kids, jobs, pets and the list goes on of everyone who has or wants demands on our team. Even strangers intruding as unwanted telemarketers bring with them a demand. But what if you could take a small amount of time, say 2 hours a month, to devote to your own peaceful inner self? What if for only 2 hours each month you could truly “Align with YOUR Divine?”


You would feel so much better in profound and moving ways. It doesn’t matter that we all might call THE DIVINE something different. Whether you pray to God, Jesus Christ, Mother Earth, Source of Creation, Infinite Spirit, Sai Baba, Allah, Buddha, or some other Spiritual Avatar or none at all, the point is connecting with your own inner divinity and aligning with “THE LIGHT and LOVE” of your own higher being on a daily basis is powerful beyond words. We all know when we’ve met someone guided by their own powerful inner light. Well don’t you want to learn how to keep your own divine candle lit and burning brightly so you literally hop out of bed in happiness each day?


If you’ve answered YES then join me for one of my upcoming Align with THE Divine series that I’ll be offering this fall.


If you’re answer is NO, then maybe you want to help others heal. The inspiration for offering this Align with THE DIVINE course grew out of a covert healing practice that started in 2008 with my brother and sister. Back then we called it Random Acts of Healing and every Sunday evening at 8:00pm we would tune in to a meditation that we created and would send healing first to ourselves, then our families and friends, and as time went on even strangers got involved. It all began when our Dad suffered from a brain aneurism in Las Vegas. My four siblings and I got a call from our Mom that Dad was in the hospital and it was serious. We all arrived within a day. My brother Paul, an amazing healer in CA, arrived first at the hospital and learned that in the room next my Dad’s was a young man whose overdose on drugs and failed suicide attempt left him in a coma. The hospital was talking to his family about harvesting his organs. My brother started sending both my Dad and this young man some healing and upon arrival, one of my sisters who is also a Reiki Master and I started also sending both healing. We all knew our Dad was doing really well and was responding positively to our energy healing. When we left the hospital to bring our Dad back east, the young man’s Mom asked my Mom if we would continue sending this you man healing. We did every week for months and our list grew. That young man is a medical miracle in that not only did he come out of the coma but his body had zero results from the drug overdose which according to the doctors can’t be explained. Since then, we have been sharing this group healing in private forums but it’s time to share it more widely.


If you would like to send yourself healing and others then by all means, come Align with THE DIVINE and have a sip of a pure love experience like no other. Trust me… these words don’t do it justice. You have to try it to know.  If you are interested… check me events to see when the next opportunity to Align with THE DIVINE. Look forward to seeing  you then!


Love and light, Laura