Across The Bridge

Posted by Laura Emerald
May 14th, 2017
Across The Bridge

Look around your life… what are you bridging in your life?  Think of Mother Earth beneath your feet, supporting and nourishing you. Imagine yourself barefoot in this sacred river above or on beach of white sand with aquamarine warm waters flowing around you.  Allow yourself to release all that no longer serves you. With a heart filled with gratitude, let us give thanks to Mother Earth who nourishes our physical vessel with water, air, food, and light.  Let us go into nature to reconnect with the natural world, calming our busy brains, breathing in fresh clean air and feeling the oneness with all of creation. 

 Now visualize an awesome golden arc extending down from the higher realm and bringing beautiful golden light all around you. Extend your arms up over your head welcoming this high frequency light into your body and life.  As you breathe in this healing golden light, know that every day you can strengthen your connection with both the Earth and the Higher realm. You CAN be a powerful Bridge as you walk through your day suspended between these two worlds.

 Think of your physical body – what are you bridging in your life currently?  Are you a bridge for love and light, peace and calm?  Or are you more of a stream flowing with all that you’ve picked up from others: the news, social media, co-workers, family, and friends? If you talk to one person and pick up their negative energy, do you pass it on to others who you meet later in the day???  Do you perpetuate chaos or calm?  Do you choose to rise above the stream of negativity or are you feeding the storms of life around you to those who cross your path?

As a Spirit Medium and co-founder of Bolton Local, a non profit to help my community become more sustainable, I like being a Bridge helping connect people to MOTHER Earth and to the Higher Realm through community sustainability events on one side of the bridge and mediumship readings, teaching classes and writing books on the other side of the bridge. Some of my students who do a lot energy work, such as Reiki, Readings, etc, sometimes feel too un-grounded, maybe light headed and unfocused. The antidote to these symptoms is grounding – holding Labradorite, a grounding crystal that helps with spiritual transformation, or going out in nature for a walk or even lying on the grass will help eliminate the symptoms of too much high frequency energy.

 When you align yourself with your basic passions… you become a vibrant bridge and a beacon of light for others. Your enthusiasm is contagious and others will appreciate that you are fully engaged in being your unique self and bringing forth your passions!  You will be a positive and powerful bridge for others. 

If you are fully anchored in your connection to the Earth, then I strongly urge you to point your face toward the sun, like the majestic Sun Flower, that tracks the sun, and thrive knowing you can be the Bridge for a more positive future by downloading the golden light of creation in your daily meditation practices.

Lastly, if you are seeker looking for a like-minded community to join and develop your connection to the higher realm on a regular basis, then visit and join the Emerald Lights Portal. This special Facebook group allows you to ask questions and watch live stream classes from the comfort of your own couch.  Namaste, Laura

 About the Author: Laura Emerald, Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher, Environmental Activist, President of Bolton Local (www.Bolton and Author of We are HERE: Whispers of Love, a short collection of channeled messages from Children in spirit and available on Amazon. Laura is passionate about bringing together like-minded folks to help individuals attain a higher vibration and help the planet increase its frequency for the health of all!  Laura has been bringing messages of hope and healing to her clients for over 15 years, helping thousands heal and evolve. Laura lives in central Massachusetts, USA, with her husband, two sons, dogs, and cat.