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Evidential readings are emotionally healing and connect you to family and friends who have passed. Private, phone, or group readings connect you with messages from your spirit guides, as well as family and friends who have passed. During a reading, your loved ones in spirit will relay messages and provide information to help you with your journey. Through word-of-mouth referrals, Laura has helped more than two thousand people connect with their loved ones in spirit.

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Courses & Workshops

We all have the ability to reach the spiritual realm and taking a course allows you to improve this connection. Have you felt loved ones in spirit “around you” but couldn’t be sure? Do you recall experiencing a communication with someone in spirit but you weren’t “sure” it was real? Students learn proven strategies and techniques to help open up to the love, emotional healing, and connections available to all of us from the higher realm. Students participate in exercises and experience the connection themselves!

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