Laura offers private, phone, or group readings to deliver messages from your family, friends, or spirit guides. During a reading, your loved ones in spirit will relay messages and provide information to help you with your journey. Readings are often emotionally healing and evidential as Laura shares with you who has come to talk with you and their helpful messages.

Private Readings

Private readings last 75 minutes. During that time, Laura sits with you and shares messages from your family and friends in spirit. Fee: $250 per session, $100 for each additional person

Phone Readings

For those unable to travel to Laura, a private phone reading is also an option. The reading will last 75 minutes and works the same way as a private reading, except that information is shared over the phone.  You will receive messages from your family and friends in spirit. Fee: $250 per session

Group Readings

Group readings are for groups of up to eight people. The session lasts 2.5 hours and during this time each person in attendance will receive personal messages from family and friends in spirit.  Fee: $475 per session  

Courses, Workshops, & Mentoring/Coaching

Courses allow people to improve their own connection to the spiritual realm. Laura believes we are all born with this connection but we ignore it or choose to focus our energy elsewhere. When a person decides to start developing this connection, taking a course, workshop, and getting into a mentorship and coaching program helps guide the process like a beautiful unfolding flower. Laura’s development programs teach proven strategies and techniques to help you open up to the love, emotional healing, and connections available to all of us from the higher realm. Students participate in exercises and experience the connection themselves!

For those serious about investing the time, energy, and money in their own spiritual and mediumship development then consider signing up for a Spiritual & Mediumship Development Program.  This unique program gives students an opportunity to develop their own skills over time both individually and within the group.  The exercises, content, and practice opportunities both in one on one and group settings allow students to TRUST their information, PRACTICE in a safe and sacred space, and truly develop their own spirituality and connection to the higher realm.  If you are ready to fully awaken your sacred gifts and begin an amazing journey for your own development then contact Laura at

To register or learn about upcoming program or events, be sure to check the Events page on a regular basis.

Speaking Engagements

Developing spiritually naturally leads to thinking about one’s environmental impact. Laura’s spiritual development and journey as a Medium led her to evolve her family’s sustainable living practices. In the spirit of helping others do the same, in 2008 Laura co-founded a company to promote Sustainable Living and a local non-profit, Bolton Local, promoting Local Sustainable Solutions in her community: As a professional leader in the high tech industry, a business owner, and creator and presenter of “Go Green Around The Home,” Laura is available for corporate and private events about sustainable living and spirituality as a path to sustainable living. Laura’s expertise has led her to speaking engagements at:

  • Massachusetts Sustainability Conference
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Massachusetts State House as a Legislative Briefing
  • Massachusetts Climate Action Network Conference
  • Massachusetts Toxic Actions Conference
  • Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Laura is passionate about sharing strategies to help others tap into their inner abilities, develop themselves and make connections with the spirit world while living more sustainably. If you are interested in hiring Laura for a Speaking Engagement, contact: